Workshop „Joachim Meyer – Crossover“ - Dagger - Dussack - Longsword - Staff [Closed]

Is there a single technique which can be carried out successfully in an unchanged form with different weapons? Then it would take "only" that one technique to learn and master a variety of weapons.

This concept is the background for the workshop with the internationally renowned instructor Roman Vučajnk from Slovenia. He offers insights into the "Meyer system", pointing at linking techniques which can be adapted to be performed with a variety of weapons and combining technology, tactics and the different weapons of the comprehensive "Meyer system".

All friends of historical fencing are kindly invited to attend. Space is limited, so please sign up quickly. The course fee of € 60 includes the class, lunch, snacks and drinks in the hall, and the Saturday dinner.

You will need: personal protective equipment (at least a mask and strong gloves, other protective equipment such as fencing jacket is strongly recommended). A limited number of staffs, daggers, swords and dussacks will be available at the workshop. 

Workshop has already been held and registration is therefore closed.